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Diversity Doubled: Data-Driven Decisions

HireReach Helps Companies Utilize Evidence-Based Selection by Jessica Strayer Bias, whether we like to admit it or not, plays a fundamental role in our decision making. We have been conditioned to rely on our past experiences, prejudices, and unconscious bias, and the hiring process is not immune. From sourcing candidates and interviewing prospects to onboarding […]

How Predictive Index Makes Hiring Easy

Help With Sifting Through Thousands of Applications by Ashley Ward With high unemployment rates, your business is likely to experience a flood of applicants for each open position. That’s great — exactly what you had hoped for months ago when you felt like it was impossible to find the right talent. However, when it comes […]

Our New Division: Outsource

Hire for Hope Brings Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to Our Company As the U.S. unemployment rate soars to 14.7% — the highest level since the Great Depression — millions of Americans are searching for jobs. Due to such a high-volume applicant pool, Hire for Hope is excited to announce a new recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) […]

How to Help Coworkers Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Has Skyrocketed: Here’s How You Can Help By Ashley Ward As many of us are painfully well aware, mid-January, the novel coronavirus introduced itself to America. By mid-March, the virus had spread throughout the nation and forced us to alter our daily lives in order to stop the spread.  That meant closing everything […]

Employee Engagement

How To Keep Your Employees Engaged During and Long After a Pandemic By Ashley Ward As the COVID-19 pandemic forces more and more Americans to work remotely, the question on my mind has been – to what effect, does working independently have on an employee’s personal outlook and mindset?  From the words of Bob Nelson, […]

What is Talent Optimization?

Aligning Your Business Strategy with Your People Strategy By Ashley Ward Companies and CEOs across the United States are shying short of their goals and failing to optimize their workforce.  Predictive Index’s talent optimization strategy can help companies solve their business problems, which are ultimately people problems.  Over the past several decades, Talent Optimization has […]

The Recruiting Firm Advantage

When you’re searching for professionals for high-profile roles, the recruiting process often requires careful consideration. Even more so, when you’re personally looking for a step-up in your career, the job search requires even more research and resources. Applying on a website or various job boards can feel like a black hole, job hunting can be […]

Ashlee Moran Joins The Team!

Hire For Hope has a new Recruiter: meet Ashlee Moran. Ashlee joins us as a graduate from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor’s in Marketing Management and Organizational Communication. She has the natural personality of a Recruiter; she’s driven, personable, and loves learning peoples’ stories. She is excited to inspire and motivate individuals on their professional journey. […]