Best Jobs for Each Predictive Index Profile Type

Understanding Your Best Career Choice Based on Your PI Type

by Nicole Degi

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Am I in a career that fits my personality type?” Or thought, “Am I wired correctly for this specific job? When considering looking for a new position, there are several factors that come into play. The importance of considering if your personality type matches your job is an extremely valuable aspect when looking for a job and is often overlooked. 

This is where the Predictive Index comes in. Understanding how you are wired will enable you with the confidence that you are the right candidate for the position and/or industry by allowing you to take a deeper look into how you function internally. Predictive Index will evaluate how well you thrive in the position that you are in and will help you produce impactful results for years to come for your organization.  

There are seventeen different and unique profile types that are then broken down into four categories:


This category consists of six different profile types: Analyzer, Controller, Venturer, Specialist and Strategist. If you fall into this category you are typically a detail-oriented individual who focuses on collecting thorough data. You are also self-disciplined and a go-to person who does not leave room for error. You also may exceed in areas that push your boundaries and would be considered a strong-willed and goal-oriented individual. People who fall into this profile type tend to be naturally introverted and reserved but always prepared with a plan. Below are roles that could be a great match if you fall into this category. 

Analyzer: Someone who likes to gather and review the data before making a thorough and detailed decision. Look into accounting, auditing, banking, tax consultant or analyst type of positions if you are an analyzer.

Controller: You are considered the go-to person, someone who will get the job done in a disciplined, fast-paced manner. A few industries to consider — Project Management, logistics, finance, accounting & managerial positions. 

Venturer: This person likes to take charge! They love to try new things and create solutions to solve problems. A director or manager of an innovative team would be a great position. Director or VP of Marketing, Strategic planning & growth could also be areas to consider &/or digital marketing roles.

Specialist: An extremely reliable person who will get the job done, someone who will “read the fine print” in any situation. I would investigate the HR world if this is you! A business manager role would also be a great option to consider if you are a specialist.

Strategist: An analytical, innovative individual who is willing to take calculated risks. If this is you, consider consulting roles, banking, project management, financial advisor, computer technology or a software developer position. 


The next category is the social category. There are another 6 different profiles that fall under this category: Altruist, Captain, Collaborator, Maverick, Promoter and Persuader. Would you consider yourself to strive in social settings? A person who is great at working with others, extraverted, charismatic, open-minded, supportive, well-spoken, and ready for a challenge? If so, you may fall into one of the profiles under the social type. Positions to consider if you fall into one of these categories are:

Altruists: A supportive, helpful, team player that is extraverted. Consider something in healthcare such as nursing, occupational or speech therapy. Possibly consider being a teacher or social worker if you are an altruist. 

Captain: A person who is always willing to accept a challenge. They can be described as independent and strong-willed and constantly raising the bar for their organizations. Jobs that fit this profile type include; different sales or account management positions that have quotas to be met or possibly staffing and recruiting positions. 

My Life as a Captain

Collaborators: These individuals are great team players! They approach tasks with an open mind and are friendly, supportive, and patient. If you are a collaborator, consider being an account manager or a role that works with a team to create results. Another option could be inside sales or a role in the marketing and advertising world.

Mavericks:  A person who has high aspirations and takes risks! They are visionaries and are able to see  the big picture. They often see the result, and create it. Mavericks also tend to be leaders which make them good entrepreneurs. Other potential roles may include a sales manager position, or a role in the nonprofit sector.

My Life as a Maverick

Promoters: Individuals who you want working on the front lines. They are extraverted, supportive, encouraging and thrive working in a team setting. Positions that would be good for a promoter profile include; public relations, marketing, social media, event and hospitality roles. 

My Life as a Promoter

Persuaders: People with this profile type are social, determined, and well-spoken individuals. Typically, persuaders do not like to hear the word “no.” This being said, a sales role would be great for a persuader!

My Life as a Persuader


Within the stabilizing category, there are four different profile types: adapter, craftsman, guardian, and operator. Are you deliberate, cooperative, reliable, and easily adaptable to situations? Do you enjoy structure in the workplace? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you more than likely may fall into this category. 

Adapter: A versatile individual who can really strive in multiple situations and industries! They work well with others and thrive in a team setting. The roles to consider for this profile type are extremely broad. You could adapt well in several positions, whether it be customer service or arts and entertainment. 

Craftsman: This is usually the person who is considered the backbone of the organization. They are diligent and reliable. Industries to look at may include; office management, administrative roles, and human resources. 

Guardian: This person is a precise, dependable, and steady worker. They are someone who brings reliability to the workforce. Administration, logistics, computer technology or clerical work could be great industries to look at.  

Operator: This is someone who you can really count on in the organization! They are precise, patient, and cooperative. This profile type would excel at data entry, clerical, executive assistant, or customer service.


Only two profile types fall into this category: an individualist and a scholar. If you fall under the persistent category type you are typically a confident, analytical, strong-minded individual who approaches challenges with confidence, consistency, and organization.  

Individualist: Do you have a desire to move the organization forward and constantly solve problems within the company? If so, you are more than likely an individualist. Maybe you have been thinking of starting your own business? If you are an individualist, this may be a good avenue for you to consider!

Scholar: Someone who is a natural go-getter! You like to contribute a strategic, data-driven approach to building winning teams. Traditionally, entrepreneurs or business owners also fall into this category. Another option would be to investigate the consulting world.

Now that you have heard more about different roles that coincide with different professions, think about how this will impact you long term, is the position you are interested in best suited for your hard wiring? Or will you become disengaged quickly and not perform results for your company? The results from PI can help you assess a career path to make sure you are getting what you need and also meeting your employer’s expectations.

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