What is the Predictive Index Job Assessment?

How to Get the Right Individual in the Right Seat

By Regan Lang

Do you have the right person in the right seat? Now more than ever it is necessary to place the right individual in the right job to move your business in a positive direction.

To ensure the right individual is chosen for the job, it is important to form an accurate job description to attract the right candidates. Although a job description tells us a lot about tasks and skills required, they tell us very little about the kind of person needed to succeed in a particular position. Let me enlighten you on something called the Job Assessment – our “secret sauce!”

By using the Job Assessment, you can X-ray the job’s behavioral and cognitive requirements, and match real people to job descriptions. Within the Job Assessment tool, you create a benchmark to measure people-data. These targets provide you with the tools to uncover the information you would otherwise not measure with a resume compared to a job description alone. Think of all the data that is not captured in a resume! This information is the secret to better understanding the traits of a specific individual needed for them to succeed in the role. Once this easy process is completed, you can form an accurate job posting which then allows you to draw qualified candidates using multiple data points.

Here is how it works:

Predictive Index gives you unlimited access to the simple Job Assessment tool. Completing this process helps you X-ray each job and identify the underlying behaviors that will lead to success in a specific role. For example, a candidate who is hard-wired for a sales role would not be set up for success in a safety role. They have opposite motivating drives and behaviors. A salesperson is a high-driving risk-taker, while a safety person is a process-oriented risk-mitigator.

First, we define the stakeholders who know the job best. The Job Assessment can be taken by a single user or taken by multiple stakeholders. We typically recommend 3-5 stakeholders complete the Job Assessment for the given role. Think an incumbent, a rockstar knocking it out of the park in the role. A person who you think “If I had five more of him, life would be great.” Then we want his boss, his bosses’ boss, and someone from HR to typically take the Job Assessment, which on average is a straightforward ten-minute online questionnaire. Once all of the input is given, a brief meeting is held with the stakeholders to reconcile any differences and create a working consensus of the behavioral and cognitive requirements for the role. The Predictive Index will generate a Job Target (a benchmark) that will serve as your guide to making a great hire.

The Job Assessment also helps remove the biases that sneak into our decisions—whether we recognize them or not. By creating objective measures of both the job and the candidate, they inoculate themselves against those biases. Plus, behavioral drives and cognitive ability have been proven to be strong predictors of job performance. Having this information is a powerful tool for both your recruitment and your development efforts.

It does not stop there. The Job Assessment tool can help you to define your existing roles as well. Do you have all the right seats on the bus needed for complete execution? Are your current employees properly wired for their roles? The Job Assessment will objectively assess all of the roles in your organization—even the filled ones. Job Targets should be used as a fundamental part of your talent strategy and succession planning, and are a critical tool for coaching and employee development.

Consider the amount of time and effort you have put into forming job descriptions you thought were accurate and seeking out candidates who ended up not fitting the role. There are a lot of metrics for measuring how many turnover costs, but on average has been indicated to be 1.5X the annual salary of the position. That is a lot of money at stake and there are not many organizations that actively measure the cost of turnover. Don’t let turnover sneak up on you. The Predictive Index Job Assessment tool works to make this process more efficient and stop turnover in its tracks. It does this by improving your overall ability to attract, hire and retain quality employees. This leads to saving time, frustration, and valuable resources.

To learn more about The Predictive Index Job Assessment, reach out to a Talent Consultant now!


American Business Awards – Start-up of the Year 2019

Local Business Recognized Two Years In A Row

We are proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, Hire For Hope, LLC was awarded a Stevie Award® in the 17th annual American Business Awards®. This year, we received the Bronze Stevie Award® Startup of the Year.

The American Business Awards are the United State’s premier business awards program that any organization operating within the USA can apply to. The event was held at the Marriott Marquis in New York, New York.

This year, our CEO, Ashley Ward, dedicated the award to women who are experiencing domestic violence and silently suffering bondage by their intimate partner. She was once one of these women and everyday she strives to give back to the cause and give them hope!

Details about The American Business Awards and the list of all 2019 Stevie winners are available at www.StevieAwards.com/ABA.


Judges Comments on Hire For Hope’s achievements: 

“Highly recommended for helping with providing jobs to the community.”

“It is a good and interesting nomination for the startup of the year. After two years, Hire For Hope is becoming bigger and stronger.”

“I really like how they are doing their Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting 10% of revenues to a local domestic violence agency, supporting women and children in need.”


eightWest – Feature

WoodTV 8 & eightWest

The mission behind Safe Haven Ministries

For decades, Safe Haven Ministries has been a shelter for abused women and children. Now, opening on December 11th, Safe Haven will double their capacity and open a brand new facility to serve more women and children throughout the West Michigan community. Helping to provide them with the support and resources to heal, Hire For Hope assists their financial endeavors through quarterly giving – the mission of our business!

Watch the full interview here!

2018 EPIC Award Finalist

Entrepreneurial. Progressive. Innovative. Collaborative.

The 2018 EPIC Awards hosted by the Grand Rapids Chamber with take place on October 30th at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Recipients and finalists alike are honored for their support of the community, their growth and innovation in business, and for their work with others as mentors and collaborators.

Hire For Hope has been nominated for Women-Owned Enterprise of the Year! Alongside 30 other local entrepreneurs and organizations, Hire For Hope will celebrate the outstanding success stories and contributions made by these individuals to West Michigan’s thriving economy.

Want to attend the EPIC Awards with us? Register Here!

Grand Rapids Business Journal – Feature

“Hire For Hope pours 10 percent of revenue into anti-domestic abuse nonprofit while empowering women in leadership”

This August 2018, Hire For Hope was featured on the front cover of the Grand Rapids Business Journal and recognized for empowering women in leadership throughout the West Michigan community. As a socially conscious business, Ashley Ward started her own company because of her passion for recruiting combined with her entrepreneurial spirit. Now, the dynamic duo of Ashley & Ashlee are creating new business growth and opportunities for both men and women alike. 

There has been an outpouring of support from the Grand Rapids community to help take Hire For Hope to the next level while keeping their mission at the center of it all.


Find the full article here!

Taking Home an American Business Award

2018 Good For Grand Rapids Award

Local First hosted its inaugural Good for Grand Rapids Awards ceremony in March 2018.  Categories included: Good For The Environment, Good For The Community, Good For Governance, and Good For Employees. Local First has a passion for people living and working together in sustainable community.

As a branch under Good For Michigan, Local First is West Michigan’s leading resource for companies looking to make a positive impact in their community. Through Good For Michigan, Local First is equipping businesses with the tools they need to use their business as a force for good, and celebrating them for making a positive impact in the community.

Hire For Hope took home the “Good For the Community” Award because giving back is a permanent part of our mission! Partnering with a diverse client base while helping give women and children access to the same services and resources that helped Ashley Ward thrive is our company’s foundation. WZZM13 News covered the event to display how each company is using their business model to create jobs, build stronger communities, and a healthier region.

By utilizing Hire For Hope’s recruiting services you can make a difference. For every average candidate placement made at Hire For Hope, four families can receive a week of shelter and escape domestic violence situations. Safe Haven relies on local individuals and businesses to support their services.

Read more about other Local First Finalist & Winners and find additional coverage from the GRBJ here!

2017 Community Advocate Award – GRYP