What Is The Behavioral Assessment?

The Importance of Putting The Right People in The Right Seats

Woman Taking the Behavioral Assessment

During the hiring process most employers review a candidate’s resume, conduct a general screening interview over the phone, and finally if the person seems to fit the position, they attend an in-person interview. What most people don’t know is that by offering a Behavioral Assessment to the candidate, you can dramatically improve the hiring process and the chances of hiring the right candidate for a given position from the start.

What is a Behavioral Assessment? 

The Behavioral Assessment was created by a company called the Predictive Index. Predictive Index offers a variety of psychometric assessments that can be used to better understand each employee as an individual and within the workplace. 

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that measures much more than a standard personality test. This assessment has been used for more than 60 years by thousands of businesses around the world. The Behavioral Assessment is used to uncover the top five behavioral traits that are scientifically correlated to an employee’s success in the workplace. Another way to use the PI Behavioral Assessment is during the hiring process. This assessment helps identify candidates who are hardwired to be a great fit for the job.

What does the Behavioral Assessment Measure? 

The Behavioral Assessment measures five key factors that are associated with workplace behavior; dominance, extraversion, patience, formality, and objectivity. These five key factors, or key behavioral drives, provide a framework for understanding your employees’ and candidates’ workplace behaviors. Behavioral testing can dramatically improve the hiring process by measuring and predicting these five behaviors in candidates:

A.  Dominance is the drive to exert influence on people or events.
B.  Extraversion is the drive for social interaction with other people.
C.  Patience is the drive for consistency and stability.
D.  Formality is the drive to conform to rules and structure.
E.  Objectivity is the basis of judgement.

How does the Assessment Work? 

Individuals are presented two lists of descriptive adjectives. The first list asks respondents to select the adjectives they feel describe the way they are expected to act by others. The second list asks them to select the adjectives they feel really describe them. Each term is associated with one of the five key factors (A, B, C, D, E). If you think back to stats class, the figure below represents the scale in which each individual is measured on a bell curve.


Equal Opportunity for All  

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is scientifically validated and complies with EEOC regulation (the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). There have been over 400 scientific validity studies conducted using the Behavioral Assessment in the workplace, and it is verified by the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and the International Test Commission, to name a few.

The Behavioral Assessment was created with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in mind. Predictive Index provides functionalities with DEI at the forefront. The Behavioral Assessment:

  • Has the ability to be administered in over 80 languages, including braille.
  • Has the ability to be reported to the administrator in over 80 languages, including braille.
  • Has the ability to be completed at the administrator’s organization for individuals with limited access to technology.
  • Removes bias in the pre-hire process.
  • Provides objective data points to incorporate into an evidence-based selection process.

The Benefits of the Behavioral Assessment

The Behavioral Assessment is not a pay-per-drip assessment tool, but is provided to the employer with unlimited use to assess all candidates and employees. This removes the temptation for employers to only administer the assessment with specific candidates or employees due to cost, which is not EEOC compliant and can result in a breach of legal compliance. Our unlimited use of assessment tools adheres to EEOC standards in the workplace.

The behavioral data acquired by the Behavioral Assessment is leveraged through the entire employee lifecycle and used for:

  • Hiring and selection
  • Onboarding and orientation
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Equipping managers with objective data
  • Standardizing employee reviews
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building a winning culture
  • Career mapping
  • Succession planning
  • Creating a “common language” in the workplace
  • Designing winning teams
  • Selection for special projects or assignments
  • Increasing retention

Chick-fil-A®, Nissan, and Jim Koch, owner of Sam Adams Brewing | Boston Beer Company, are some of the adapters of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment tool. Check out other customer success stories here. This tool is applicable to all types of organizations and industries that accomplish business results with and through people. If you are ready to join thousands of companies using the Behavioral Assessment tool, Hire For Hope is here to help.

Behavioral testing, when combined with a clear understanding of cognitive ability, can dramatically improve the hiring process and the overall work environment for the entire lifecycle of the employee. It can give the employer a very solid understanding of what the candidate or employee will need in a role, how they will act and what will motivate them. It allows open conversation surrounding the type of environment an individual needs in order to thrive, how they best communicate, their strengths and their common traps. It can give employers a blueprint of how to work with each person in their company, or how a candidate will appear on day 30, not just at the interview.  The first step to optimizing your workforce is understanding it — that’s where the Behavioral Assessment can help you get it right. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Behavioral Assessment and Hire for Hope’s Talent Optimization division? Learn more at our Talent Optimization page or reach out to speak directly with a Talent Advisor

My Life as a Persuader

Finding A Greater Understanding of Myself Through Predictive Index

by Nicole Degi

I would describe myself as a very social, outgoing person who loves meeting new people, but I wasn’t always this way. Growing up, I was very shy. Even in college, I was not overly extroverted in classes. If you would have asked me years ago if I would be in sales and happily attending networking events the answer would have been “no.”

Now here I am, a recruiting and business development specialist at Hire For Hope who loves relationship building and fast-paced environments. I quickly found at my first job in sales that this type of career is for me. I love the feeling of making a new connection and being able to provide a service for someone. 

I was recently introduced to the Behavioral Assessment through Predictive Index when I started my role at Hire For Hope. I have taken enneagram tests in the past but nothing that was as in depth as the BA. It provided insight into my strengths and weaknesses as well as my preferred work style.

My profile type, a Persuader, hit the nail on the head for me. Persuaders are known as team players. They are understanding, people-oriented, and persistent. They thrive in and help contribute to a culture of teamwork. You can often catch me chatting it up with just about anyone. I love to work with people and build relationships and I love flexibility and variety.

The Behavioral Assessment has not only given me a deeper understanding about myself but also about how others view me in the workplace. This knowledge has given me an awareness on what to pay attention to in my work style. I have always known I can be a “get to the point” type of person and expect things done quickly. The BA has taught me it is okay to take a step back and realize that not everything has to be done right now. Every individual has a different pace and way in which they prefer to work.

Being self-aware is so important and it is vital to grow both personally and professionally which is why PI is such a significant tool. It is interesting to learn behavior types and why people do what they do, especially when working with them! After all, we spend so much of our time at work.

I am grateful to work at an organization that understands the different behavior types of everyone on the team. Once you have taken the BA, you will understand how you are wired and how to best communicate with and understand the people around you. Having a balanced viewpoint in your relationships both at work and at home will be so impactful. I now am telling everyone I know about the Behavioral Assessment through Predictive Index!


If you’re curious about learning more about Predictive Index and how Hire for Hope can help you and your company uncover the keys to helping your workforce work at it’s best, visit Hire for Hope’s Talent Optimization page or reach out to speak directly with a Talent Advisor.

Join us for Safe Haven’s Virtual Fundraiser Event

Help Individuals and Families Find Freedom From Domestic Violence

Safe Haven Fall Event 2020

Hire for Hope team with Megan Hopkins, Safe Haven’s Director at Safe Haven’s 2019 Fall Luncheon 

After years of working alongside Safe Haven Ministries, we are honored to be a part of Safe Haven’s Fall Fundraiser! Please join us virtually on Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30 for an event that enables us to work toward creating a safer community.

Safe Haven Ministries offers a wide range of services designed to help individuals and their children find refuge, hope, and healing. They focus on empowering clients, domestic violence and faith, and prevention through education.

The staff and volunteers at Safe Haven work around the clock to offer our community:

Emergency safe shelter

Domestic abuse support groups

Individual support from our advocates

A plan to avoid dangerous situations

Free and confidential: (616) 452-6664

Support for children affected by domestic abuse

Resources and training for the entire community

Click here to Register. We cannot wait to see you there!


All About Athena

Celebrating the Leaders in our Community

Ashley Ward Athena Awards 2020

The Grand Rapids Chamber stopped by to congratulate Ashley!

We are thrilled to celebrate our very own founder and CEO, Ashley Ward, among the other incredible finalists at this year’s ATHENA Awards! We hope you join us in virtually celebrating this year’s event, Beyond the Bios. The event will be held virtually on Thursday, September 24, 2020 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. 

You can register here and join us in celebrating Ashley and all of this year’s finalists. Thank you to the Grand Rapids Chamber for bringing us all together to celebrate these outstanding leaders in our community.

ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award Finalists

ATHENA Leadership Award Finalists

ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award Finalists

My Life as a Promoter

The Profile That Perfectly Describes Me

Regan Lang

by Regan Lang 

Throughout high school and during my first few years in college, I did very few tasks and activities independently. I preferred to invite friends to run errands, workout and even study with me. Although enjoying group work is not a bad thing in itself, I went through a phase where I struggled to work on tasks alone. It was not until my later years in college that I realized the reasons why I prefer this social lifestyle. Naturally, I am a good communicator and relate well with a variety of people. This allows me to work well with many different types of people and enjoy doing so. With this being said, I am a person who  strongly values relational connections. As I am getting closer to my college graduation, I have now figured out how to work successfully independently while still being able to enjoy time spent with friends.

 I first was introduced to the Behavioral Assessment from Predictive Index when I was applying for the internship position at Hire for Hope. Previously, I have taken the enneagram test and StrengthsFinder Test both of which provided me with insights as to the type of person I am. However, the Predictive Index (PI) test was able to provide me with an even further evaluation of my strengths, preferences, natural tendencies and weaknesses. By taking the PI test, not only was my employer able to evaluate the right position for me, but I was able to understand the concepts behind the assessment which allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the type of worker I am and where I have the best opportunity for success.

 By taking the PI test, I was able to discover that I am the Promoter profile type. A Promoter is a casual, uninhibited, and persuasive extrovert with a tendency for informality. I am collaborative and sociable and am most comfortable working closely with others. Having these attributes allows me to work extremely well with a team and focus on the common goal above my own personal goals. However, with being a relational person, it is important I do not get derailed with the social aspect that I do not focus on completing the task at hand. 

 I was especially surprised by how accurate my PI Test results were regarding my needs, strengths and weaknesses. One aspect of my results states how I need “a clear, specific description of the given task or the responsibilities expected of me.” I am someone who needs to first form a detailed list of tasks to be completed, including each of the rubrics for the tasks, prior to completing a project. I see this trait in both my work life and school life. When completing an assignment, I prefer to always be given a rubric with specific instructions of what the professor expects to see from my work. I then am able to complete each assignment knowing I am checking all of the boxes. 

 One of the best ways I have used my results moving forward is to understand my personal strengths and challenges with the people around me. Once you have your PI Test completed, you are able to see the evaluation of your profile type and how to best relate with someone else with different personality traits. This allows you to realize and understand the wants and needs of the people around you in order to work together to achieve a common goal or to further the relationship.

If you’re curious about learning more about Predictive Index and how Hire for Hope can help you and your company uncover the keys to helping your workforce work at it’s best, visit Hire for Hope’s Talent Optimization page or reach out to speak directly with a Talent Advisor.

Ashley Ward Named 2020 ATHENA Awards Finalist

Young Professional LeadershipAshley Ward ATHENA Finalist

Congratulations to Ashley Ward, Hire for Hope’s founder and CEO, for being a finalist for the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award!

The ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award Recipient:

• Is an emerging leader who demonstrates excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession
• Serves as a role model for young women personally and professionally
• Is 40 years old or younger as of September 2019, and has a minimum of five (5) years professional experience
• Provides valuable service to improve the quality of life for others in the community


Both the ATHENA Leadership Award and ATHENA Young Professional Award are founded on the ATHENA Leadership Model® from ATHENA International. This model identifies eight distinct attributes that are reflective of women’s contributions to leadership: Authentic Self, Relationships, Giving Back, Collaboration, Courageous Acts, Learning, Fierce Advocacy, Celebration and Joy.

The 31st annual ATHENA Awards celebration will be held virtually on September 24 at 4:00PM. Join us in cheering on Ashley and all of the other incredible women who were nominated for awards this year. Learn more about the event and register here!

Be sure to read Ashley’s story and find out why she started Hire for Hope.

My Life as a Specialist

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Kelly Bos

by Kelly Bos

You know that question. You know, the one you’ve been asked over and over again? If you’re like me, half the time you don’t know how to answer. Other times you simply come up with something random just to have an answer.  

What do you want to be when you grow up? Yep, that’s the one.

Some of you may always have known what you wanted to be when you grew up. Or, if you didn’t, you found something intriguing and stuck with it. For me, my answer was always different…that is, if I had an answer at all. I find interest in everything (well, almost everything). And I love to learn. However, not in the traditional sense. I love to learn of my own accord and relish in the hands-on training that may be available. Up until recently, I never could understand why I was bored in school, got tired of the monotonous tasks at work, and constantly was on the look-out for the next opportunity. That is, until I took The Predictive Index’s Behavioral Assessment.

Those results, though! They are spot on. Not to mention they help shed some light as to why I always questioned policies and decisions, constantly desired something better, and craved a good challenge.   

Entering my last interview (yes, I’m still challenged), I was asked to take the BA. can completely see why it is a such a useful tool, especially when entertaining a candidate for a certain position. I’m not saying that it’s the sole decision maker when hiring, but it can certainly be insightful as to what the position may require from an individual and if that individual is right for that position.  

Welcome to, I’m a Specialist; and you can count your lucky stars I’m a skeptic…about almost everything! It’s all making sense, now. This is precisely why I could never definitively tell you what I wanted to be when I grew up. It now makes sense why I would get restless in a job that wasn’t challenging.   

As a Specialist, I am constantly challenging decisions (in my own mind) until Im able to investigate and decipher all information.  Details, details, details. It’s all in the details. And a Specialist processes those details with discipline, so that they can communicate their thoughts clearly and concisely. We’re normally pretty accommodating, however, we may take some warming up to. We can be quite analytical, which for me personally, has been an asset for those difficult HR decisions and conversations. It’s also been extremely helpful when making business decisions.   

On the contrary, though, this, on many of occasions, has been misinterpreted as having a lack of empathy. Us analytics do have a heart; we just tend to rely more heavily on hard data. So, please remember this if you encounter a Specialist; we still care.  

As a Specialist, I also tend to operate quickly. And many times, I expect others to operate the same. Well, not so much. (Hello, not everyone is the same!) I’ve been able to learn and understand the differences in other profiles, especially in respect to how they interact with each another. Understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses has really helped my interrelationship with everyone I work with (and those who I live with).  

A skeptic I was, but only at the beginningI honestly can say that the BA is an extraordinary tool that can be used professionally and personally!   

If you’re curious about learning more about Predictive Index and how Hire for Hope can help you and your company uncover the keys to helping your workforce work at it’s best, visit Hire for Hope’s Talent Optimization page or reach out to speak directly with a Talent Advisor.

Recruiting With Purpose

 Hire For Hope: WGVU Morning Live

Ashley Ward in downtown Grand Rapids

Ashley Ward shares her story in creating Hire for Hope, a mission-driven recruiting and Talent Acquisition firm that gives back to the community. Rebuilding her life after an abusive relationship with the help and support of Safe Haven Ministries. Ashley now gives back 10% of her net worth profits to help others escape domestic violence. Pairing her passion for recruiting and her purpose, giving back to the nonprofit that gave her hope! Specializing in executive and professional recruiting searches in West Michigan, Hire For Hope is a highly awarded recruiting firm on a mission, contributing multiple resources for local and national businesses. Offering a suite of behavioral and cognitive assessment tools to clients through the division Optimize, Hire for Hope is able to assess applicants for culture fit and their behavioral wiring to identify the perfect candidate.

Additionally, Hire for Hope provides recruiting services to businesses that have had to lay off their internal recruiters due to the pandemic. Acting as an extension of internal recruiting teams Outsource allows Hire For Hope’s team to work on behalf of companies to elevating the workload- from sifting through resumes to providing screening interviews and reference checks, and often walking candidates through the recruiting process.

Listen Here Learn More:

Hire for Hope

We catch up with CEO/Talent Advisor Ashley Ward, Hire for Hope, discussing why the launch, how the company supports women through it’s funding of Safe

My Life as an Altruist 

What the Predictive Index Taught Me

By Jessica Strayer

As a recent graduate who was always looking for ways to convey my strengths in interviews, learn more about myself, and improve both professionally and personally, taking The Predictive Index was a no brainer. A personality test that will tell me how I work, communicate, and what environments I would thrive in? Sign me up! Little did I know it would teach me so much more. I knew my DiSC, my strengths from Strengths Finder, and my Myers Briggs but never did I think an assessment (that took me less than five minutes) would know me so well and teach me so much about myself. Once I was hired here at Hire For Hope I sat down with Ginny the Talent Advisor, at the time. Ginny walked me through my behavioral pattern, as seen below.

My Behavioral Pattern: 

 If this is your first time seeing a predictive index behavioral pattern like it was mine, you may feel like you just walked into the twilight zone. Bur rest assured, among many helpful tools the  Predictive Index offers a way to break down patterns like this. In fact, 17 Reference Profiles offer translations for a behavioral pattern like this one. My patter most closely alines with that of an Altruist type.

What Does It Mean to Be an Altruist?

  Diving deeper into my reference profile I learned what it meant to be an Altruist, I learned that my type is people-oriented, extraverted, (like I needed to be told this). I always knew I favored collaborative work over independent work, working on group projects in college was fun and exciting, and as I got in the workforce I found working independently lonely and looked for opportunities to talk with others throughout my day. I find myself thriving in environments where I get to interact and work closely with others. I enjoy anytime the team and I can work on a project together, and when I can bounce ideas off of other team members and gain their insight. This also explains why I loved any sales position I worked in, getting to work with customers in a service-oriented role has always energized me. Even in positions where a balk of my day was making cold calls or networking as a part of my duties.  As a recruiter, I get to flex this muscle working with not only my team but also with the candidates in my pipeline and our clients.

In addition to my desire for collaboration or social interaction, I learned as an Altruist, I tend to work at an extremely fast-paced and favor process and procedures over free reins of a project. I learned this combination is the reason I tend to avoid risk in the workplace and like to be prepared, knowing what is expected of me before I take action. Knowing this about myself I can ask questions, create guidelines and templates for myself to streamline my work and continue working at a fast pace. Being able to communicate this with others has been life-changing, I can communicate my need for process, information, and expectations which gives me the confidence to head up any project and take what I like to call, “educated risks”. The Altruist tends to work well under pressure for this exact reason, we tend to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, so while others are scrambling trying to solve an issue, oftentimes us Altruists have already created a solution before the issue has even arrived.

Lastly, I learned that as an Altruist I need a position that will provide me variety in my day.  I always gravitated towards positions where I had the ability to juggle many tasks and projects. I have learned that working on one repetitive task leaves me exhausted, annoyed, and drained at the end of the day. The Predictive Index has given me the language to ask for more responsibilities and projects and taught me that my strengths are not only unique but also valuable to a team that needs my collaborative, fast-paced, and variety-oriented Altruist self.

What the Predictive Index has done for me: 

I am fortunate to work in an organization where we all speak the same “language” and can understand the work style of each person on our team with our reference profiles, at Hire for Hope we consist of an Altruist, Maverick, Promoter, and a Specialist. Learning and understanding each Reference Profile in our company has helped me understand my work style in relation to others, I have been able to see my strengths and my shortcomings and how they might affect others in our organization.  Since learning more about my profile type I can delve deeper into personal and professional growth and vocalize my needs when it comes to my work. On average we spend one-third of our life at work, I believe we should enjoy the time we are there and feel free to communicate what we need to be most productive. After all, it is for the good of the business if I am feeling fulfilled, confident, and empowered in my work.

Want to know your Behavioral Profile or use the Predictive Index in your organization?

Visit our website to learn more or take the test here.



Jessica Strayer

Hire For Hope’s Altruist.

A Women Owned Company On A Mission

Hire for Hope: Rise Up Live Interview

Ashley Ward’s mission from the very beginning of starting her own Recruiting and Talent Acquisition firm, three and a half years ago, has been to give back to the nonprofit organization that changed her life forever. Rebuilding her life with the help of Safe Haven Ministries, Ashley has been able to combine her passion for recruiting and desire to give back by helping to fund their mission. Hire for Hope is committed to giving 10% of net worth profits to Safe Haven in the efforts of helping others escape abusive relationships. Ashley got the chance to sit down and speak with West Michigan Women‘s Content Engagement Manager and the host of ‘Rise Up Live’ Jennifer Pascua. Speaking candidly with Jennifer, Ashley was able to tell a bit of her story, share how Hire for Hope has adjusted the way we do business post-pandemic, as well as, share Hire for Hope’s new division: Outsource. 

Watch the Interview for Yourself!

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