How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders

Great Leaders Help Transform the Next Generation Into Leaders

by Jenna Fatum

At some point in our careers, it’s likely that we have or will work alongside a colleague in a leadership position that does not quite have the leadership acumen necessary to continue to create leaders. It’s been said that anyone can be promoted into a leadership position, but not everyone can be a great leader. Great leaders help transform the next generation into leaders, directly impacting the future of the organization. The following list represents tips to consider implementing as part of your business strategy:

Start by hiring the right people.

Hiring the best individuals for each position will likely create a company culture aligned with the goals of the company. The right people will thrive in a work environment where others are equally bought in.

Create transparent career mapping.

Transparent goals at each level will help set employees up for success. Leverage career mapping as a concrete way to identify employee development and success and to identify room for improvements. Transparent career mapping promotes healthy competition and can uncover employees that are achieving next-level milestones.

Provide learning and development opportunities.

Administer trainings centered around leadership development for employees at all stages of the employee journey. Equip leaders to understand different learning styles to help them support their teams and coach underperformers based on individual needs. 

Coach employees.

Utilize the already great leaders within your organization to coach teams and elevate those working alongside of them.

Ask for feedback.

Gain insight from employees to better understand areas they need support as they grow throughout their careers as future leaders of the organization.

Create change.

Revamp or develop a plan that aligns with the goals of your company. Equip your teams with the necessary business and people intelligence to become the next best generation of leaders.


Notice that the first step in developing the next best generation of leaders in the workplace starts with hiring the right people. Our goal at Hire for Hope is to help place the best fit individuals in an organization for long-term success and we would love to partner with you if you find this is a need within your organization!  Let us know how we can help!