How to Do More With Less People

What does do more with less people in the workforce really mean?

by Nicole Degi

What does doing more with less people in the workforce really mean? It means efficiency, it means utilizing our resources, it means reducing waste, it means constantly reinventing ourselves to grow and think more efficiently. This is something everyone can do it just requires sorting your priorities and thinking creatively. 

Let us dive a little deeper into ways that you can do more with fewer people in your organization: 

  1. Be clear about the goals and objectives of the company and your role. Understand how you can contribute to the overall company growth strategy. Think about what is going to move the organization forward? This is where you should be spending your time. 
  2. Measure metrics and have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reviews to go over the metrics with employees. Being transparent with the team on metrics keeps people focused on the tasks and job duties at hand.
  3. Know where you are focusing your time and efforts. We suggest doing this by tracking your workload on a calendar or journal. This will help you understand that you are making the most use out of your time. 
  4. Understand the difference between your job responsibilities and projects. You will have daily tasks, goals, and responsibilities for your role, but they will differ from projects. You should have a goal to finish ongoing projects and set aside time on your calendar to get these done.
  5. Be action-focused. Prioritizing your energy on the actions that add value to the organization.
  6. Embrace technology. Technology helps you work more efficiently, faster & smarter.
  7. Take care of the employees that are being challenged to do more with less people. Doing more with less people can cause burnout. Keep the lines of communication open with employees to understand their workload, offer breaks when necessary and make sure employees are taken care of. 

Doing more with less people is becoming the new norm but it does not have to be scary or overwhelming. When you are challenged to do more with less preparing a strategic approach to priorities and clearly outlining the objectives to all employees will help the overall growth of the organization.