My Life as a Captain

How the Predictive Index Helped Me Decide Which Opportunity to Pursue

Predictive Index Captain Tasia Allison

by Tasia Allison

Hi all, Tasia here! I’m Hire for Hope’s newest Recruiter + Business Development Specialist! I fell in love with Talent Development early in my career and have spent the last decade honing my recruiting and leadership skills and I am more than excited to start sharing them. I was quite at home in a small manufacturing company in Rockford for the last five years helping them set their talent strategy and evolve their culture when I, like many, found myself displaced due to COVID. This left me both devastated and excited! I knew I would miss my coworkers and my team and have serious FOMO for what I had to leave behind, but I was so excited for the new possibilities before me!

I took the Predictive Index when I first started my own employment search and instantly fell in love! I’m no stranger to the assessment world, DiSC, Devine, Hogan, Meyers-Briggs, you name it, I’ve probably even been certified in it! I love assessments and how they can be used as data points to maximize performance or understand candidates—they can truly be the key to unlocking your success. So when I was first introduced to PI, I knew it was going to be a part of my future—I knew for sure, wherever I was going, PI had to be a part of it, so I was over the moon to hear that Hire for Hope was already tightly knit with my new favorite instrument. 

My PI results—a Captain! I wasn’t at all surprised to see the words “restless” and “independent” in my profile. I like many Captains am a driver who, while loves being social and part of a group, is happy to lead the way. 

The best way to work with me? Give me some space to make my work my own, Captains are independent, and they desire to be contributors with a unique touch. Captains also have the gift of gab, so water cooler breaks are always a must. I also need to know rules and guidelines, I’m pretty situational, but appreciate knowing where I stand. Captains also tend to be proactive and quick to connect with anyone.

Believe it or not, seeing my PI results was a big factor in deciding which opportunity to pursue on my job hunt. I used the results I learned about myself to assess future work environments and Hire for Hope was a home run! I’m using PI to make sure I’m getting what I need, but also really making sure I’m giving others what they need to. It has been the perfect way to add balance and awareness to the workplace. When I know I’m adding to my coworkers environment, I know it helps them show up as their best self each and every day and that’s a win for everyone!  


If you’re curious about learning more about Predictive Index and how Hire for Hope can help you and your company uncover the keys to helping your workforce work at it’s best, visit Hire for Hope’s Talent Optimization page or reach out to speak directly with a Talent Advisor.


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