Venture Logistics – Talent Optimization Success Story

Venture Logistics used Predictive Index and talent optimization to streamline hiring and management.

Venture Logistics is one of the Nation’s largest full-service logistic companies. With an ever-expanding network and a strong dedication to improvement and over-delivering, the team needed a talent optimization that could keep up, and they chose to partner with Hire for Hope to implement Predictive Index (PI).

Real Data & Improved Accuracy

Choosing the right candidate the first time around saves time and money for companies. Looking for more higher-caliber candidates than their current applicant tracking system was producing, they switched to Predictive Index.

PI gave Mary Campbell, Venture Logistic’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, more data to hire the best fit for the role. “I like to think I’m a good judge of character but honestly, this gave me more actual data,” said Campbell.

Coming from a larger company in her previous role, Campbell is no stranger to different assessment tools used to screen candidates. She noticed that with other assessments, “it took a lot to get to essentially the same answer that we got out of a 10-minute assessment with Predictive Index.”

The behavioral assessment helped Mary confirm her gut feeling she had on candidates and gave her a better feel for the person as a whole. “I felt like it really helped zero in on a more qualified candidate,” said Campbell.

The candidates also agreed that the data PI gathered from their assessments were reflective of their hardwiring.

“One of the things that I do with my candidates and when I’m interviewing is I’ll go through the PI results with them because I want to let them know this is how we’re using it as a hiring tool,” said Campbell. “I’ve made sure to say, ‘After you’ve read through it or after I’ve explained it, do you feel like that explains you pretty well?’ I confirm with them that it’s accurate and I’ve done it with hundreds of people now. I’ve never had someone tell me that it’s not accurate.” 

Clear Job Descriptions and Expectations

PI not only helped Venture identify high-caliber candidates, but it also helped their managers better identify what they needed in the role through the Job Assessment. 

“It really forced our managers to dig into the positions and really figure out what those non-negotiables of the roles were,” said Campbell. “It allowed us to hone in on our job descriptions and what the expectations were.”

Growth Opportunities & Candid Conversations

For Stephanie Hack, Venture’s Director of Employee Development, PI has helped shape a variety of conversations with employees from opportunities for growth to identifying contributing factors to any performance problems. 

“I use PI within the organization for anything from a performance review process to determining where people would be a good fit within the company, as far as growth opportunities are concerned,” said Hack.

PI gave Hack and her team a language for conversations about hardwired personality traits that add to or interfere with job performance. “Behavioral Assessments make it much easier to have candid conversations with employees about certain characteristics and traits they possess and where we can focus on improvements or where they have strong, positive characteristics related to their current role.”

“PI highlights some of those hardwired characteristics that an employee possesses and that feature has made it easier to be constructive with an employee regarding performance concerns and improvements. The Behavioral Assessment objectively and clearly focuses on where candidates will be the best fit for our company,” said Hack.

It also helped give much clearer reasoning behind poor job performance. “If they’re not an ideal fit for a particular position or if there are performance concerns the BA helps highlight some of the reasons why,” said Hack.

PI has helped Venture identify positions within their company that may be a better fit for some employees and gave them an easy way to have those conversations. Hack explained, “Maybe with the way a person is wired, they’re just not fit for their current role, but they may have the ability to successfully contribute in another division of the company. In that respect, our people leaders are better prepared to communicate with their team and address some of those tougher issues around performance because PI focuses on suggestions for improvement and also gives valuable coaching tips for improving the morale, culture, and working relationship between the employee and their team or manager.”

The Hire for Hope Difference

“The Hire for Hope Team has been very attentive to our needs as a company and they are always willing to meet with us and provide additional refresher training when we’ve needed it.

Hire for Hope has invested in us as a company and taken the time to ensure we were familiar and comfortable with the PI content, so we can maximize the product and features available to us.  I can’t say enough about the positive experience we’ve had working with H4H in particular. It’s been a really nice partnership.” – Stephanie Hack

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