What to Expect in Talent in 2021

Employee Experience

Companies are beginning to work for employees, not just the other way around. HR teams are going all-in on employee experience to improve retention and employer brand. Beyond collecting feedback, companies need to actively collaborate with employees to create an experience that works for everyone.

People Analytics

Analytics have promised to revolutionize recruiting and HR for a decade, but until recently only the most sophisticated companies have reaped the rewards. Now we’re reaching an inflection point where data is accessible to all. Understanding and capitalizing on analytics is quickly becoming a must-have skill in HR.

Internal Recruiting

Chances are you are overlooking a promising talent pool: your own team. Currently, most internal hiring happens thanks to proactive moves from employees. It’s time for recruiters to create a formal internal hiring program and work with the Learning & Development team to build the skills needed for the future.

Multigenerational Workforce

Later retirements and the arrival of Gen Z mean companies are seeing more age diversity than ever. Young, seasoned, and everyone in between can help prove that good work is ageless. It’s on companies to help age-diverse teams discover their best selves by creating the conditions for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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